ATV Cycle Rodeo

Rules and Information



A) Cycle Class (Age 4 & Under)
B) Quad Class (Age 4 & Under)
C) Cycle Class (Ages 5-6) Youth Size
D) Quad Class (Ages 5-6) Youth Size
E) Cycle Class (Ages 7-9) Youth Size
F) Quad Class (Ages 7-9) Youth Size
G) Cycle Class (Ages 10-12) Youth Size
H) Quad Class (Ages 10-12) Youth Size



  • Each participant will receive a number when they register
  • Line up will be in alphabetical and number order. Example: A1, A2 then B1, B2 etc.
  • There will be three events, 2 runs per event, best time will count
  • All three event scores will determine final placing
  • All participants must start and stop in the “box” on each run
  • Helmets are required
  • Open toe shoes are NOT allowed
  • Parents must sign a liability release form upon registration