Demolition Derby Rules

The following are general rules applicable to ALL events. For rules specific to an event and vehicle preparation, please see the subsections.


Event Rules:

1) All entrants must be 15 years of age. Minors who are 15-17 years old are permitted to participate, but must have a parent or guardian present to complete and sign a minor release form at the time of registration ( Any fair board decision regarding entrants age over rides this rule.) . Parent or guardian must also attend the mandatory drivers meeting with minor driver.

2) All drivers must register their vehicle and sign a liability waiver upon arrival. Registration will close 30 minutes prior to derby time.

3) Drivers may use their own car number. The driver who registers a number first will receive that number. If a driver registers a number that has already been taken, then that driver will be asked to change their number.

4) Cars will be inspected before the derby starts and again after the feature if needed.

5) All entrants must attend a MANDATORY drivers meeting before competing.

6) There will be a $50.00 protest fee before the derby starts.

7) No intoxicating beverages or drugs will be allowed or tolerated.

8) Unsportsmanlike conduct will be an automatic cause of disqualification.

9) Drivers must wear a helmet which extends below the ears and drivers must wear safety belts.

10) Drivers must enter the track with their car in a heat to be eligible to enter a consi.

11) Drivers will have 60 seconds to make contact with another car before being disqualified.

12) Intentional hits to the drivers door will result in immediate disqualification.

13) When a red flag is thrown for a fire, after the fire is extinguished, a driver may restart his/her car. The time that you had when the red flag was thrown will resume and the 60 second rule applies. If a red flag is thrown for the same car twice, that driver will be disqualified.

14) If a driver proceeds to make contact with another car while the derby is under red flag, that driver will be disqualified.

15) Demo Derby officials reserve the right to disqualify anyone who is unfit for competition or whose car does not comply with the rules. Rules will be enforced!