Compact size class derby cars crashing each other up

Compact Class 4 & 6 Cylinder Modified Demolition Derby

Rules and Information



No trucks or all wheel drive cars allowed. If you have an all wheel drive car you must remove either the front or rear drive shaft.

Compact cars must have a wheel base of 113 inches for front wheel drive cars and 109 inches for rear wheel drive cars.



1) All glass, chrome, carpet, and lights must be removed for safety.

2) You may put a number plate with your car number on the car roof so that it is easier to identify your car. Not mandatory.

3) Fenders may be trimmed only for tire clearance.

4) A four point cage may be used but do not attach it to the frame.

5) Cut a 12×12 inch hole in the center of the hood.

6) Pre-bending is allowed.

7) A halo bar may be used. The halo bar must be attached to the bar behind the seat. You may attach a bar from the halo bar to the fuel tank protector if you use one or to the speaker deck. It can overlap onto the trunk.



1) You may weld struts only.

2) Tie rod ends may be reinforced or replaced with aftermarket tie rods.



1) Must be stock.

2) Notching the frame on the back is allowed. No welding cuts.

3) No painting the frame or inner fenders. No spraying inner fenders or frame with any material such as rhino lining.

4) No welding inner fenders to the fenders.

5) If you remove the rubber between the cradle and the frame you may weld the cradle directly to the frame. Do not use plates. The bolt holding the cradle to the frame can not be any bigger than 5/8 inch. Do not weld the bolt.

6) If the frame is broke, bent or rusted out you can only fix it on one side with 1/8 inch plate no more than six inches long.


Gas Tank:

1) The gas supply must be removed from the stock area to behind the driver’s seat. You may use a boat tank, a fuel cell, or the original stock tank. The fuel tank must be securely fastened and well covered.

2) A gas tank protector may be used. The protector can not be more than 27 inches wide and can NOT TOUCH THE FLOOR.



1) Any size battery may be used.

2) No more than two 12 volt batteries may be used.

3) Batteries must be inside of car and securely fastened.



1) Any bumper may be used to replace the stock bumper. Welded bumper seams and end caps are allowed. Loaded bumpers are allowed.

2) If you use plates to attach the bumper to the frame the plates can not be placed more than two inches back from the front of the frame.



1) Shocks may be welded.



1) Any type of tire is permitted.

2) No studs or screws to hold tires to the rim.


Hoods and Trunks:

1) Hoods must be wired, chained, banded, welded or bolted in 6 places.

2) Trunks must be wired, chained, banded, welded or bolted in 6 places.

3) Pre-bending is allowed.



1) Doors must be secured with chains, wire, bands or welded. If welded, weld no more than 3 washers or plates 3 inches long in 3 places. You may also weld one plate at the top of each door.

2) Drivers door may be reinforced with anything.


Radiator and Radiator Supports:

1) Radiators must stay in stock position or be removed completely.

2) Spray foam may be used around the radiator.

3) Nine gauge wire or bands can be used from radiator support to the bumper.